Suburban Artworks has more than ten years experience in 3D modeling, video production, and print media. We specialize in 3D product imaging using digital or printed drawings to create
three-dimensional stills and animations. We can assist you in bringing a conceptual idea to life by utilizing state-of-the-art 3D software.
We create Virtual Prototypes, prototype renderings, 3D illustrations, Architectural Renderings, 3D floor plans, Animations, 3D photo montages, product images, sell sheets, webpages, logos, rapid
prototypes, graphic design, concept designs.
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The advantages of a 3D model are the following:
A 3D CAD (computer aided design) model can be rebuilt multiple times without the cost of building a real world prototype just
to rebuild it again when the design changes.
A 3D model can be sent over the internet reducing the time and cost of shipping a real prototype.
A 3D model can be sent out for analysis for part design such as stress testing and flow and fill testing.
The Virtual prototype can be used as the file to create a rapid protoype or sent to a manufacturer to build a mold or used
for computer controlled machining.
A 3D model can be rendered out to show what it would look like as a product before any time or money is spent on actually
producing it.
Sell sheets can be made from those images created.
Webpages can be produced on the front end with the images that are generated.
A 3D model can be animated to show what it's functions/benifits are so video presentaions can
be made for selling to investors.
Video advertisments can be produced. 
We can aid in the all phases of your project. If there is an aspect that you are unsure of but would like to explore
we can advise in that area. Whether you are large company or an individual we make sure your goals are met.